Monday, January 7, 2008


After much study, Fred passed his liver exam today and got a long awaited treatment. The first thing this morning Fred went to the lab to donate his blood for the day. It was only 20 vials this time. We went to see Dr G and were in her office waiting for the lab results and listening to all the possible tests they were considering if the numbers did not come down this time. And there it was on the compuer screen.....they are not all totally normal yet ...but definitely going in the right direction.

Everyone was doing a lot of smiling the rest of the day. Doctors even greeted us in the hall with their congratulations. It was a long day at the hospital but well worth it. We don't have another appointment until Feb 4.

About Wednesday at 5pm, we should be walking in the door of our home in Alaska. The time since we left has gone very fast with all the holiday travel but it will be good to be home.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!

What a wonderful holiday season we have had! We flew from DC and spent about a week with Wade, Annadeidra and kids. We spent our time enjoying each others company with a lot of laughter, playing card games, dominos, and loving on the grandkids. Kyrstin and I baked a cake and Papa rode the little 4 wheeler around the yard with her. Ashton reminds us a lot of Wade at that age, always on the move with a cute grin and a twinkle in his eye.

After Christmas it was off to Kansas. Mom's car broke down on the way to pick us up so Rodney and Steve came to the rescue. They were having their big family Christmas dinner that afternoon....but we ate in shifts by the time the cars got towed and shuttled around. Fred and I sleep in the recliners in the middle of the livingroom while all the family of 9 visited around us. It was a long day, that morning we had to get going at 3:30 am to catch our flight in Nasville.

We saw a lot of family and friends in our week here. It was great to spend the night with Laila and family. The whole family got in a game of Hand & Foot. Lewis and Elaina did a great job of keeping up with us. I think they focus on the gamve better than we do, we are distracted by the visit we are having. It is wonderful to have a game that everyone can enjoy playing.

No one enjoys playing games more than Mom. She especially loves picking up 7 cards in Hand & Foot and saying, "There are just so many possibilities." It was amazing how many times she pulled it off & won.

We find ourselves at the Wichita Airport this morning on our way back to DC. Rodney and Mom brought us in and we had a nice breakfast at IHOP on our way to the airport. Laila and Elaina came by and saw us. We have internet hook up here at the airport so I thought I would catch you all up.

The next couple of days we will be at base housing remonising about the good times we have had in the past couple of weeks. Monday Fred will be back at the hospital. Our plans at this time are to fly home on Wednesday.

Thanks everyone for a great holiday.