Tuesday, June 30, 2009

At home in Alaska

We are having and wonderful summer here in Alaska. It is hard to describe summer here for anyone that has never been here this time of year. Like Carrie wrote on her blog, "Summer in Alaska is akin to a spiritual experience." We cherish everyday, knowing that it will end too soon. It's so lush and green with crazy long day lit hours. All the gardens are showing color now. Fred's peonies are blooming, the bleeding heart is about shoulder high and loaded with blossoms. Everywhere you look something is blooming.

Our goal when we got home was to replace our deck on the south side of the house. Well, we have been home 7 weeks and today we have 2 young men about to screw on the last boards of the deck. We will have only the railing and the ramps left to finish. It is turning out better than I expected.

Carrie has a couple of slide shows on her blog of us working on the deck. Check them out. Her link is to the right on this page. I left my camera in the camper........so I have an excuse for Carrie to come and take pictures.

Fred is continuing to do well and keep all the construction on track. He thinks the deck project is a great excuse for more new tools. We go to DC in Aug for another check up.

We did receive sad news a couple weeks ago that our dear friend, Skip, lost his battle with cancer on June 13. We are planning to go to his internment at Arlington in July. Sandra and Skip were so encouraging to us over the past several of years. We often spent a couple of days staying with them when we went back to the DC area for Fred's Doctor appointments. Fred always referred to Skip as his brother and cancer buddy. Their friendship was quick and close. Sandra and I felt like it was a privilege to watch them be together. They had so much in common: their military experience, the books they both read, their love for their families, their faith in Christ and, oh yes, cancer too. We miss him, but there is no more pain for Skip.