Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Idaho rabbit food....

Fred finished his radiation treatments a week ago today at National Navel Medical Center. He had an MRI at 8pm that night and we flew out the next morning at 8am. We were so ready to move on. We have been in the DC area about 30 days and so much has changed. Fred came to DC in a wheel chair and in terrible pain. He left pushing the wheel chair with his luggage in it, with no back pain and weaned off all his narcotics. God is good.

Our first focus when we arrived here in Boise was to get our Suburban and camper out of storage at Mountain Home AFB. The girls had tried to get it a couple of weeks ago, but could not get it started. Wade drove over to see us on Friday night from WY. Saturday morning Misty got a babysitter and we took 2 vehicles down hoping to bring the camper and truck home one way or another.

First we tried jumping it, not luck. Then Wade went to check the spark plug wires and one fell off in his hand. He took off the air filter and there were pieces of wire everywhere. He said, "We've had a varmint of some kind in here." Misty and I headed to town 8 miles away and left Wade and Fred there to figure out what parts we needed. The more they looked the more chewed wires they found. We were at the parts store telling the guy behind the counter about our problem and he just smiled and said, "That is rabbits, we have it happen all the time." We had never heard of such a thing. When we got back we told the guys it was rabbits and Wade said that he knew it had white fur. It makes us laugh a lot.....rabbits in the desert must be hungry.

Wade and Misty spent the next hour or so putting in new spark plug wires and replacing or patching other wires. Before you know it we had it running and going down the road to Boise; Misty driving our patched up Sub, Wade in his truck towing the camper with Fred, and me driving Misty's vehicle. It started to sprinkle as we drove and I was thankful for God's timing once again.

The next morning they worked on it some more and it seems to be running pretty well. We will probably have it checked out before we head out in the next couple of weeks.

We have been unpacking and trying to find places to put everything in the camper so that we can find it again when we need it. Now that I am unpacking the suitcases I packed six weeks ago, I wonder why I brought the things I did and why not others. Oh well, there is always the thrift stores.

The first night here I woke up and it was so quiet and couldn't figure out where I was. We do not miss the noise of the big city.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Just a few more days...

Yes, just a few more days here and we will be heading back to Idaho. We have 3 different Doc appointments tomorrow. The next couple of days should not be so full. Fred and I are both really ready to get back to Idaho and move into our camper.

Wade is driving up to Boise to see us next weekend. The girls didn't get our Suburban started last week, so his first project will be to help us get it started. Then get it and the camper moved out of storage. We are ready to move into our own space. We have been gypsies for 5 weeks now.

Today Fred and I went to the Chapel here in the hospital. It was my second Sunday in a row. We really enjoyed it. We met a people from a lot of different places and circumstances.

This afternoon we took the Metro to downtown Bethesda and had a late lunch at a nice restaurant. Fred did real well. We took the wheel chair but he did not use it very much.

We have been enjoying the sunny fall weather the past 3 days. Hope it stays this way until we leave. Alaska has been below zero lately.