Saturday, October 31, 2009

High Winds and High Times in the High Country

Has it been 2 weeks since I updated this blog? How time flies when you are having fun.

Let's see.....we got to Boise just in time for Lizzy's birthday party. If you check out you can see some pictures of Fred and I enjoying the indoor kids playground where the party was held. Everyone had a fun time, kids and adults alike.

We spent about 10 days with Misty and family. The time went way too fast. We had trips to the zoo, a corn maze and, oh yes, and to the Cabela's Store, to see all the stuffed animals too.

Fred and I delayed our leaving by a day because of high winds across southern Idaho. We left Boise on the 28rd. We got as far as Rawlins,WY, on the next evening. Today is Oct 31 and we are still here. I 80 is closed because of high winds and blowing snow. We are seeing clear skies now, but there is still a lot of wind. We are hoping to get back on the road in the next 24 hours.

God has such a sense of humor. I have been saying that we need to spend more time just camping by ourselves. Well, God is giving us that here on a windy hillside in WY. We are in a such a good place. It is a nice campground with full hookups, hot showers, and a laundry room.

Yesterday we put a roast in the cock pot, watched a movie and played some cards (Fred won). I talked to Carrie yesterday and she said they are having high winds in Alasaka too.

Today I think I will get out my sewing machine.

Next week some of my female family members are getting together at a cabin in Colorado Springs for a few days. Glad we will have a this bad weather behind us. It is supposed to be in the 50's next week.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Treatment and Travel

We have been here in the DC area now since last Friday.

First, we spent some time with our friend Sandra. There was a lot of eating, watching bad movies, laughing and along with a few tears. Saturday we even got in on some old fashioned garage cleaning. Sandra said she can do anythings she needs to now that she has conquered the garage. You go girl.

It was a beautiful fall day on Monday when we went to Arlington National Cemetery to visit Skips grave site. We enjoyed the time we got to spend there and I am sure we will find time to stop again.

The Doc appointment went big surprises. Fred's numbers are still rising some but no change in treatment for now.

With all the appointments and tests for this trip done we will be flying back to Portland early tomorrow morning.

Fred and I plan to head for Boise in the next couple of days. Sunday is Lizzy's birthday party and we would like to get there in time for that.

We have already been gone from Alaska more than 2 weeks. How time flies.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Back in the Lower 48

What a great summer we had at home in Alaska!

The past couple of weeks we have been getting the house and yard ready for the winter months. Carrie and Barb will be living at the house this winter. So we feel like everything there will be well cared for.

Fred, Sadie and I flew down to Portland on Tuesday, September 29. Looking at the calendar it is just 1 day later than we left the state last year. This year the trip was so easy that it is hard to even compare with what we did last year. Fred was very involved in our travel. Loading suitcases on the cart and taking care of Sadie. I smiled a lot. It was such a short flight and we left and arrived in the daylight. Last year we could only get seats at night.

Shane and kids were there when we arrived and it was a short drive to their home. It was great fun to watch Fred sitting on the floor with the kids and dog, keeping everyone entertained with all the goodies in his travel vest's many pockets.

After supper I went with Shane to his evening class. It was great for me to listen in on class for a few hours. Soon the body was starting to slow down from the excitement of the day. During break Shane walked me home across campus. I was ready to hit the hay.

Wed. morning, Shane drove us north to Mary and Paul H. where we had stored our camper for the summer. When I walked in the camper it was better than I remembered. Fred says it feels like we are home.....well yes, our second home. We have so many great memories from last winter's travels. We will miss you Carrie.

Yesterday we spent the day settling in. Trying to find things and remember what we had left here. It will be a few days before it all comes together. And then Fred says I will be changing it again anyway. Hum...... probably so.

Today we are headed back to Shane & Kristi's for a week. Oct. 9 we fly back to DC for Fred's Doc appointment. We plan to be back in Portland on Oct 15 and on the road to Boise within a couple of days after that.

Once again we are staggered by how God continues to care for us.