Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fall Feeling

A few yellow leaves are starting to dot the lawn, berries are ripening and the mornings are smelling like fall. We have had a little more sunshine in recent weeks, but everyone is feeling a little cheated when it comes to summer weather.

My flowers have been a little slow, except for the begonias and they love cool wet weather. Laila said she got some pictures while she was here.....

We also went to Hatcher Pass where she got some more good pictures. (Thanks for adding your pictures Laila.)

Last week
I went down to the Kenai Peninsula halibut fishing. It was great to get a fishing pole wet for a few days. The ocean was as smooth as glass. We saw lots of puffins, sea otters, and hump back whales every day. By the time I got home on Monday night Fred was in the hospital in Anchorage. He had gotten dehydrated and needed to be on IV's for a couple of days.

Fred is home now, eating, drinking and feeling better. He is recovering from the chemo very slowly. He is so proud of the peach fuzz he is getting on his chin.... he says it's blond, I would say platinum.....

Barbara L headed back to the lower 48 on Friday. She spoiled us so much this summer... Guess I will have to get back in the habit of doing dishes and laundry again. We will miss our morning coffee with you and those wild games of Hand & Foot.
Thank you dear friend, for sharing the most precious gift of your time. We are so grateful.