Wednesday, April 28, 2010

59 and Counting

Fred had his first radiation treatment on his head this morning. He will have 10 treatments over the next 2 weeks, finishing up on May 11.

This morning we also saw three of our oncology doctors. They are having blood work done every week now, watching his white blood count. This has to do with the isotope therapy he had in March.

The doctors and I agree that he looks much better now than before his treatment in March. Actually all the Doctors comment on how healthy he looks for as sick as they know that he is.

I am enjoying watching spring bloom here. Everything is lush and green. The azaleas are blooming in every color of pink and fuchsia. I think the white ones are my favorite. The azaleas remind us of when we lived in Japan 38 years ago. Can it be that many years ago?

Speaking of years..... I turn 59 today. What a great gift to be with Fred today. He is telling everyone here it is my birthday. I have had hugs from our motel maids and birthday wishes from all his doctors, plus lots of calls from family and friends. Thank you.

My birthday plan is to go out to a light dinner and enjoy a big chocotate dessert.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It is way past time for an update on our travels. It seems a whole month has slipped by since I last wrote. Let me get out my calendar and catch you up.

March 22-25 We traveled to DC for Fred's new treatment. He did well and we headed back to AZ a couple of days early. This treatment was to decrease his bone pain and he has gotten a lot of bone pain relief.

March 28 We got news that my Dad was stomped by a cow while he was tagging her calf. He went by ambulance to the hospital in Rapid.

April 2 We left Uncle Norman's camp spot and headed north. We slowed down as we drove by the blooming orange trees for the last time. It has been another great winter for us on the desert.

April 4 Easter. We drove into Boise as the sun was setting. We had every kind of weather that day; sunshine, snow, rain and clear Idaho skies. The closer we got to Boise the better the weather got. It was worth the drive to see all those smiling little faces at the end of the day.

April 10 - I left Fred with Misty and family and flew to Rapid City to see Mom and Dad. It was fun to room with Mom and try and keep up with all Dad's visitors at the hospital. I had 5 days there with the folks. Dad is strong but has had some ups and downs with his lung and rib injuries.

April 19 Fred and I flew to DC. When I got back from SD I noticed that Fred's eye was different. Within a couple of days I got the whole picture. He was loosing some of his vision in his left eye. After some phone calls to DC and Alaska we were on the plane headed to see our Doctors. In the past 4 days Fred has seen at least 11 doctors and I can't count the number of tests.

To make a long story short----
Fred has a tumor behind his left eye that is about 3.3 centimeters in diameter (about 1.5 inch). It is very round so looks like a third eye, but a little larger. It is in both the eye socket and the brain cavity. Our plan is to give him most relief with the least trauma.

We have been in the information gathering stage this week. Once we get all the information the decision usually seems clear. As of Friday evening, it was looking like radiation will be the treatment we choose for now, with possible surgery in the future. We have one more neurosurgeon to see on Monday.

The plan is to start radiation treatments this Thursday for two weeks. We could be back to Boise by May 13th and home by June....who knows?

Oh yes, Dad went home from the hospital this week.

Fred and I are both feeling so well taken care of here and are confident that the Lord will continue to supply our needs, whatever they may be.

Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement.