Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thanks Carrie

Well, last night we sent Carrie off to Boise with plans to land in Alaska shortly. She has been a great sport spending the winter with her parents and slowing down to our pace. I think she said the other day that we have only driven about 2600 miles this winter. Of course that does not count all the miles we have flown. Thank you, Carrie for all your care this winter. I am sure we will be able to finish up this road trip and see you in Alaska in a couple of months.

Speaking of flying. Fred and I are flying to Rapid City, South Dakota today. They have had a bad blizzard there this week. So guess we will get to see a little cold winter after all. I need to make some phone calls to see who can come and pick us up at the airport. We may be spending the night in town and go out to the ranch in a couple of days, if the roads aren't open yet.

Our days in Arizona are getting short. We have enjoyed our camp site at uncle Normans, where there is still natural dessert with lots of grease wood bushes, iron wood trees, barrel cactus, prickly pear cactus 6-8-10 tall and just as wide. We love the beautiful sunsets, cool nights and warm days. We loved listening to the doves in the morning and evening. We saw tiny little grouse with feathery top nots, zippy road runners, long tailed lizards, birds and scads of goffers or ground squirrles. Did not see any snakes and that was fine by me. Sadie ran around and had the freedom of 3 fenced acrea.

We spent the night here in Pheonix with my sister, Peggy and family last night. This morning we are going to plant some flowers in her yard before I take off at noon to the blizzard in SD. Quite fankly I have been calling winter, summer, all winter. I don't know what I will call summer in Alaska.

Once again be sure and check out Carries pictures.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Such a good winter

Here we are in DC again.........Fred had a Doc appointment today and his PSA continues to go down. His next appointment is in 2 months. The last 6 weeks Fred has had better health than than he has had in the past couple of years.

We have had such a good winter traveling and seeing family and friends. We are not sure when we will be heading home. Someone told me the other day that we could save some things to do for our trip next winter. We will have to see.

I can't hardly believe that we have been back from Brazil for about 10 days. It was a great trip. It took us a couple extra days to get back to AZ because we had a snowstorm in Atlanta on the way through.

Our flight was canceled out of Atalanta, so we took a day and drove over to Birmingham and saw Wade and Annadeidra and kids. While we were in Brazil we were sad to learn that Anna's mother passed away unexpectedly. They were all there for the funeral. It was a very short but good visit.

We fly back to AZ tomorrow afternoon. Then who knows what is next?

Thanks again for your continued prayers.