Thursday, March 18, 2010

Travel, Travel and More Travel

Has it only been a few weeks since I wrote?

Here is a quick overview.....

March 1 - Monday - We had an uneventful flight home to the Phoenix area from Brazil. It took us a few days to rest and recover. It seemed cool and comfortable in the desert after the humid and hot tropics. It was a great trip and visit and so worth it to once again be with family there.

March 8 - Monday - We had a long day of flying to DC for Fred's Doc appointment. Between the weather delays causing missed flights it took us almost 24hours to get there.

March 9 - Tuesday - Slept in and went to the hospital for blood work. Did a little shopping and went to dinner with our friend Patti.

March 10 - Wednesday - We decided to start Fred on a different cancer treatment. It will take 2 weeks to get everything in place for him to start. Spent about 7 hours and the hospital. In the evening we went to dinner with our good friend Sandra.

March 11 -Thursday - Fred and I had an uneventful flight back home to the Phoenix area. We arrived early in the day, so we spent some time at Peggy's. The Rahn family is our dog Sadie's second home in AZ.

March 15 - Monday, found us working on the travel details for our next trip to DC a week from today. That means; room reservations, airline reservations, medical tests scheduled and everything blessed off by our insurance team.

Today------March 18 - Thursday - We are on the phone double checking with the DC Doctors that everything is a go for the new treatment next week. It is always hard to catch everyone on Friday's and we fly early Monday morning. One more little twist is that DC is a 3 hour time difference from here.

We have been enjoying some quiet days on the desert this week. Uncle Norman and Aunt Connie are gone this week, as well as Peggy and Warren.

Just to mix things up a little around here, I took out the bench seat between the door, next to the table. That gave us a 2' x 4' piece of floor space. It makes our little camper feel soooo much bigger. We bought a "managers chair" (nice office chair) to use instead. I said we should call it the "Master Sgt's Chair". We are having some fun with that one.

We are building a small set of shelves over the wheel well to give us some easy access storage. It is like a 2ft x 2f book case with 3 shelves. We have it cut out and sanded. Hope to put it together and a coat of finish on it today. We will see.

This week we have been having warm sunny days with a little breeze, about 80*. I said to Fred at breakfast this morning, "We could not have had a better life if we had planned it."

God is so good to us.