Monday, July 28, 2008

Is it the end of JULY?

This summer has gone by so fast.... The weather here has been cold and wet. We have had about 2 days of sunshine. That is if you add together the 30 minutes here and there.

The end of June our friend Barbara L came from Texas to spend a couple months and help us out with the B&B. We have had a great time.....lots of laughs, lots of cards and digging out corners unseen for too long. Just a couple more weeks and she will be headed back to the lower 48.

Last Wed my sister, Laila came for a visit. With all the rainy weather we have spent our days inside sewing quilts, playing cards and just sharing time together. Every night after supper we have had a game or 2 of hand and foot before bed. We have even worked in some B&B guests during her visit. She flies out tomorrow night. Thank you for coming and filling our days with a little of your sunshine, Laila. And thank you Phil & Kids for sharing her with us.

Here is a Fred update.....I know that is what all of you are waiting for. He finished Chemo with good results. He is getting a little stronger everyday and we look forward to traveling to see friends and family in the fall. Fred's plan is to enter another drug trial in the future. Please pray that his numbers stay stable and that he continues gain strength and enjoy good days.

We have been so blessed by the support of all of you.