Monday, February 14, 2011

Memories Moving Forward

I was so fortunate to walk the path of life with Fred for about 40 years. We had the privilege of raising 4 children together. Serving God, we endured all the normal trials of life together. We enjoyed great adventures with family and friends. Every season of our life together was cherished. We all have enough wonderful memories of Fred to last us a lifetime.

Yes, I miss Fred by my side. I can still hear his subtle comments and humorous observations. He spent the last years making sure I was prepared to go on without him. Fred was a planner and wanted us to be prepared for the future. In his last weeks he was planning a trip to Australia. I found the file on his Ipad. I will enjoy the fruits of his planning the rest of my life. Thank you dear.

My plan, at this time, is to keep my home in Alaska and travel in the winters. This winter I left Alaska Nov 30. I picked up my camper and Sadie (Fred's dog) and I headed out. Our first stop was at Shane's. He and Kristi are students at Multnoma University in Portland. I enjoyed spoiling those 4 grandkids for about 10 days. Then I drove over the mountains to Misty's. I spent Christmas there with her family. Carrie came down from Alaska and joined us. One day we had Shane and family, Misty and family, plus Carrie and I all together. We went swimming and out to dinner. It was a great day.

Friends flew in from Alaska and drove with Carrie and I to Arizona the first week of Jan. My camper and dog are happy back in Uncle Norman's camp spot southwest of Phoenix. I have been enjoying lots of time with all my aunts and uncles in the area. We have a great time together.

The past couple of years Fred and I came to Brazil to visit his sister, Cindy and husband Phil, here on the Amazon. So I decided to come down again this year. I have been here for about 10 days already and have about 2 weeks left before I head back to AZ.

Thank you
I just want to say thank you again for all your prayers and support through the years. God has blessed me through you.

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Laila said...

Okay, I need to go get a kleenex now... Thanks for sharing your heart with us. You two showed us how it's done, and you raised the bar pretty high! I raise my glass to you and your man and the great life you made together. It didn't happen by itself. You MADE it happen.
Love you bunches...